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It can be your perfect source of inspiration when looking for music of any genre, thanks to a wide range of reviews, interviews, and exclusive mixes.

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Music impacts us in ways that other sounds don’t, and for years now, scientists have been wondering why. Now they are finally beginning to find some answers.

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This finding suggested to her that when people listen to unfamiliar music, their brains process the sounds about where the song is heading.

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Perhaps less known than the other music blogs covered here, Pigeons & Planes is now owned by Complex and is part of a vast pop culture website.

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Music has great qualities of healing a person emotionally and mentally. Music is a form of meditation. While composing or listening music.

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Large also observed activity in the listener’s mirror neurons the neurons implicated in our ability to experience internally what we observe externally.

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I’m playing really moves you, I’ve basically synchronized your brain rhythm with mine, says Large. “That’s how I communicate with you.